6-Lamp T8 I-Frame Fixture




Ideal replacement for High Bay fixtures.

Design Features

  • Lightweight "I" frame design
  • 6" wide channel for flexibility to include Step down transformers or emergency ballast.
  • Total Luminaire Efficiency: 86.2%
  • Spacing Criteria 0-Deg: 1.29, 90-Deg:1.18
  • Factory supplied lamps are available in various CRI ratings, temperature colors and rated life.
  • Ballast and wiring access without the use of tools.
  • Instant Restrike
  • Dimming/Occupancy sensor compatible


Reflectors: Precision formed, high performance, 95% total reflectance specular reflector, warranted for 25 years or 91% total reflectance white pre-painted aluminum. Optional 5% Uplight available.

Body: 6'" wide channel, body, ends and brackets are manufactured from code gauge cold rolled steel and have white baked enamel finishes.  The body of fixture is constructed for additional strength and reduction of air infiltration. 

Ballast: Standard ballast are high performance electronic, Class P, non PCB, sound rated A, UL certified.

Mounting: Fixture may be hung with aircraft grade steel cable or chain..

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